Weed Control in Phoenix, AZ

We offer weed control services to the entire Phoenix valley and surrounding areas.

Weeds, nobody likes weeds. A weed is basically an unwanted plant. How do we get weeds? Seeds can take several routes the most common being birds, birds digest the seeds then they are left behind where never the bird goes to the bathroom. Seeds travel via the wind and are blown from an existing plant.

Seeds settle in our yards, once they get established, weeds can take over existing plant life, this is huge in crop production and can lead to lost revenue. In our yards weeds can take over our lawns, flower beds and planters. Weeds create work, manually removing weeds is labor intense.

At Contractors Termite and Pest Control Inc. we offer pre-emergent applications as well as post emergent applications. Pre-emergent applications are intended to stop a seed from geminating and post applications are intended to kill an existing weed plant. On vacant land this application can be co-applied where beneficial or wanted plant life is not present. At home or work applications must be done separately, pre-emergent will not affect an established plant (it’s well past the germinating stages) and can be applied to your yard without the fear of killing existing plant life. Post-emergent applications must be targeted and limited to the unwanted weed only. The post emergent application is therefore time consuming as each target plant is located and treated. Generally speaking an annual service would consist of two pre-emergent applications, pre-monsoon and pre-spring and two post emergent applications early fall and early summer. Applications can be done at any time. In our arid Arizona climate and unpredictable rain cycle good weed control is an ongoing element in good landscaping practices.

One last comment, many of our competitors use smaller tanks. Water is the carrier for the active ingredient in a pre-emergent application. When trying to control seeds that are below the granite it is important to use enough water to wash the preemergent through the granite. Washing through may also be achieved by rain fall after a pre-emergent application. At Contractors Termite and Pest Control our trucks are equipment with larger tanks for this very reason.

For more information on our weed programs you can request an onsite visit by one of our licensed staff members. Weeds, we may never win the war, weeds and weed seeds are ever prevalent, with an ongoing program we can win battle to battle.