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Weed control, or abatement, is not a service traditionally associated with pest control; however, at Contractors Termite and Pest Control Inc. we are happy to provide weed control, pre-emergent and post emergent applications. We provide services to commercial business parks, home-owner associations and property management companies, builders and homeowners. We offer all types of products and can make recommendations based on the overall goals and outcome desired. Truck mounted Boom Services as well as hand wand service is available.

We offer one time pre-emergent service, monthly post emergent service, quarterly service to include pre-emergent (twice annually) and post emergent (twice annually) and one time post emergent service.

Ask us about our bundled service packages, pest, termite, and weeds all rolled into one low monthly rate.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of weeds you may be experiencing problems with click here.

One more note….

State Law requires anyone applying more than 4 gallons of mix of more then 25lbs of dry product per day and per site of post emergent herbicides for hire, must be licensed. It is illegal to apply sterilants or pre-emergent without the benefit of a license.

Let the Contractor take aim at your weed issues!

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