Warranty Renewal

A warranty renewal program protects your structure and your wallet.

Warranties are called many different names, but they are all designed to do one thing, cover you in the event of a subterranean termite infestation.

Here in Arizona, termites are prevalent; there is just no getting around them. Termites are random forgers so sooner or later you may notice activity.

If your structure was treated in the construction stages and it is less than three -years old you should be covered under a treatment warranty. In fact this is a requirement of The Office of Pest Management in the State of Arizona. Law changed September of 2013 reducing the required warranty period from five years to three years. Many builders still require a five year warranty from their vendor. This is done contractually and is not state mandated.

Contractors offers an Annual Control Service even if we did not do the original treatment during construction or if your property is beyond warranty coverage. We offer very competitive rates that ensure your budget will be free of costly termite post treatments.

Even though Contractors did your original treatment you may still receive many notices from several different companies. There is data based as a result of state treatment records being filed as part of public record. Companies will use this data to solicit your renewal. Be aware! Since the new law change you may have five year warranty, but receive a notice after three years. Companies who randomly use the data base have no way of knowing the contractual agreement between your builder the the termite company who provided the original treatment. Some of those companies are good honest people others are well, let’s just say a word of caution and do your research. How long has the soliciting company been around, have their principals been in previous businesses, gone away and then resurfaced? Sad, but it happens…

Our warranty department and our associates are second to none in the state. Should termites appear under our warranty protection; our trained and licensed staff will provide you with expert analysis and treatment recommendations. During certain times of the year and as a result of having upwards of 20,000 plus homes under warranty we receive a large number of inquiries and concerns about infestations. This usually is during and after our monsoon season. It is impossible to mobilize immediately to all of these accounts. If you call us regarding a warranty issue, you will receive an appointment date when you call. The time between your call and our appointment will not allow enough time for termites to eat your home, rest assured. On our opening page we mentioned Integrity, since we strive to show you not tell you, that philosophy mandates we give you the honest truth, all companies in Arizona with warranty clients of any number experience schedule delays in time of termite swarms. At Contractors we tell you up front, honesty is the best policy.

What’s next? 

Simply contact our warranty department, we will schedule an inspection and inform you of any active infestations and provide a treatment plan of action. Once this initial treatment is completed your annual control warranty program will begin, all you have to do is renew the plan annually.

Earning your trust, gaining your confidence, one job at a time….

Disclaimer: If you are under warranty with Contractors Termite and Pest Control Inc. and you choose to have another company perform termite corrective work at your property during the warranty period, you will void your warranty and Contractors Termite and Pest Control Inc. will not assume any liability for treatment cost or repair.

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