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25$ Off Your First Termite Control Service!

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Termite Control and Prevention

“Contractors Termite and Pest Control, Inc can help you control and prevent termites in your home, building, or structure.”

Contractors Termite and Pest Control Inc. “Arizona’s Pest Management Contractor” specializes in termite prevention and treatment. If you detect or think you may have an occurrence of termites, just give us a call. Our state licensed inspector will carefully examine your home, building or structure. We’ll report our findings and recommend a solution.

The Valley of The Sun we have two types of termites: Drywood Termites (not common, but they do occur) and Subterranean Termites (which are widespread and plentiful).

Drywood Termites do not need contact with the soil. They swarm (known as a nuptial flight) termites pair off. They are poor flyers and usually end up literally where the breeze takes them. Finding dead wood, they bore into it starting a new colony. The development of a Drywood colony takes years, once established they can create damage. Since they do not require contact with the soil they must be treated where they live, in the wood. Wood members have to be accessible to treatment or fumigation may be required.

Subterranean Termites, unlike Drywood, need contact with the soil. They colonize in the soil and make exploratory tunnels (this protects them from the elements and predators). Once they locate dead wood, worker termites ingest the wood, returning to the colony feeding other termites through regurgitation. Since Subterranean Termites live in the soil they can be treated by a soil application.

In addition, subterranean termites can be monitored by placing monitoring stations around the home, these stations contain an active bait that controls and kills subterranean termites.

We offer inspections, treatments, annual warranty protection and the knowledge to present you with your options. When it comes to termites, nobody cares like we do.

Termite Tunnels (Australia) Termites are simply doing their job- returning dead wood to the earth.

Subterranean Termite Damage inside a wall, this was discovered in a re-model.

Bath-trap (Scottsdale Arizona) Termites forging for food – dead wood, what our homes are made of!

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