Scorpion Control in Phoenix, AZ

We offer scorpion control services to the entire Phoenix valley and surrounding areas.

Yes, in our arid desert environment of Phoenix we have Scorpions. Considered an occasional invader, Scorpions do gain access to our home and garage. The Bark Scorpion is very common in rocky areas in the desert and is found throughout Arizona. It’s sting can be dangerous and if you are stung by any scorpion you should seek a medical advice.

Other species common to Arizona are Giant Hairy Scorpion which is the largest scorpion in the United States. Stripe Tail Scorpion and the Yellow Ground Scorpion. Scorpions usually sting be accident. In other words they feel threatened. Common care when moving items in the garage or storage, people will often encounter a scorpion that is perfectly happy under rocks in the yard or under storage in the garage or home. Once the object is moved or blindly grabbed the scorpion defends itself. So caution should be exercised at all times, perhaps move rocks or storage by first using a tool or pry-bar to examine what’s under it first.

It is true you can use a “black light” at night to illuminate scorpions in your yard. Scorpions are beneficial, they eat other insects. If you find one there are probably more. If you do go hunting we suggest you wear heavy gloves, long sleeves and boots. Be cautious checking under firewood, lumber piles, rocks debris and especially in outbuildings that are not frequented regularly.

Basic scorpion control suggestions:

Remove trash and debris, store firewood off the ground, and look for ways of entry to the house or garage sealing openings and crevices. Check weather stripping at doors and windows. Scorpions seek moisture, be sure to check leaky air conditioners and condensation lines.

Seek Professional Help:

If you are seeking a professional treatment plan, please contact our office. We can provide you with a comprehensive plan to create a defensive barrier around your home.

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