Go Green

It seems as if everyone is doing it, “Going Green”. This may lead you to ask what is “Going Green” and what is a “Green Pest Control Company” when it comes to pest management? And how do I know if the company I am dealing with really embodies the philosophy or simply uses it as a marketing tool? These are very valid questions and we at Contractors Termite and Pest Control believe that being environmentally

Contractors Termite and Pest Control, in conjunction with our product partners Nisus Corp. and Termistop USA, signed on to participate in the Green Home Builder Magazine’s ABC Green Home. A prototype, zero net energy green home that is not only revolutionary, but affordable to build for the average consumer.

Contractors Termite and Pest Control signed on to this exciting project because we saw it as a vital tool in spreading the message about sustainable termite prevention such as Termistop and Boracare as well as the importance of IPM in every new construction project.

Not only is Contractors Termite and Pest Control leading the charge in the construction industry, we offer IPM and environmentally responsible options to client’s interested in these methods. To discuss the options available to you, one of our licensed professionals would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Our Green Pest Control Program leans on monitoring with minimal targeted application when necessary to control pest populations. This program will be a change to the normal services and involves inspection, exclusion and baiting. Topical non-target application are not a part of this program.

Insect Monitoring Station
Physical Termite Barrier Using “Teri-Mesh”