Bird Control in Phoenix, AZ

We offer bird control services to the entire Phoenix valley and surrounding areas.

If you are dealing with a bird problem around your home in the Phoenix area, we are here to help.

This information will focus on the Pigeon. The pigeon is the bird everyone feeds in the park in an urban area. Little do they know this bird can be a health hazard to humans.

Birds in general harbor disease organisms that may affect people. Pigeon droppings emit spores and can be carried by the wind making human inhalation of spores a very real threat to health. Droppings are responsible for physical falls in addition to creating an unsightly mess. Gone unchecked over years dropping has caused the collapse of roofs. Perhaps you remember the bridge collapse of the bridge back east some years ago. One theory is the roosting of Pigeons and more importantly the contamination of the acidic properties of their droppings may have contributed to the fatigue in the steel structure of the bridge.

The best control is to control the bird’s behavior. We do not advocate trapping and killing any bird. Trapping and releasing the birds maybe a viable solution. With pigeons the release would have to be far enough away from the site that the bird will not return (homing instincts).

Other behavior modifications include physical barriers such as netting, bird spike, shock track (used to prevent roosting) and reflective eyes. Each application has its value; an inspection is needed to determine the best application and method to be used. The value of this type of installation is it modifies the birds’ behavior and sends them on down the road so to speak. It is humane and practical. Bird control is not inexpensive, done right it is long term. Bird control is labor demanding and good materials are not cheap.

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