Types of Ants in Arizona

We provide ant control services to the entire Phoenix valley and surrounding areas.

Did you know that with Arizona’s diverse eco system it serves as host to over 400 species of ants? There are just too many to describe here. Common species include but are not limited to: Argentine Ant, Fire Ant, Carpenter Ant, Pharaoh Ant, and other species. No matter what type of ant you are dealing with, Contractors Termite and Pest Control provides the best ant control service in Phoenix.

Argentine Ant: A severe pest in the Southwest, these ants nest in the soil next to and under buildings, along sidewalks or beneath boards and plants. They are usually near sources of both water and food. These ants prefer sweet foods such as sugars, syrup, fruit juices, secretions of plants and honeydew. Workers forage for food and will seek sources inside buildings especially when conditions become too hot or too moist outside.

Fire Ants: These ants are known for their “venom” injected by a stinger, causing intense irritation and in some cases severe reactions. This ant prefers nesting in the soil and makes characteristic mounds. They can venture inside especially where there are open areas providing access to the soil such as a bath tub plumbing box (open to the soil below). They defend their colony which can reach well over 100,000 ants by attacking using their stingers as venom.

Pharaoh Ants: This ant is a pest of homes, apartments, hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities. Their size 1/15 to 1/12 of an inch enables them to “get in”. Pharaoh Ants have a non-decimating plate. They will feed on everything from sweets to insects, meats and bloody materials. They will feed on medical waste and intravenous feeding fluids.

Carpenter Ants: Often times this Ant is considered a wood destroying insect due to the damage they will do burrowing into wood. Telltale signs are piles of debris below (frass) and almost sandpaper like galleries. Foraging ants will travel upward of 100 yards or more seeking food. Carpenter Ants do not consume wood; they feed on insects and honeydew.

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